About Me

I have always loved to move. My favorite activities include dancing, biking, hiking, and gardening. With my active lifestyle, I always felt fairly strong, but eventually developed imbalances in posture, which led to injuries and pain. Though movement education, and regular therapeutic massage, I have begun to correct imbalances and find a lot of relief from chronic pain.

After becoming a yoga teacher in 2010, I enrolled in a clinical massage program to continue to learn more about healing the body and understanding how we move. I began my career in massage therapy because I wanted to help others experience their bodies as malleable and full of potential. While massage can be very luxurious and relaxing, I view it as a very important part of health care. Instead of pain limiting your movement, I want to help you become active and stay active throughout your life. I always tailor the session to meet your stated goals and I agree that sometimes calming down the nervous system is what is needed most. I have found that one of the keys to better health is increasing body awareness. I believe it is possible to heal from chronic pain through awareness and commitment; I have seen it work, both first hand and with clients! 

I'm excited to help you feel your best. I want to help you correct and maintain a balanced posture that doesnā€™t cause you pain or lead to injuries. I'm also committed to sharing self-care techniques, including yoga poses and self-massage, to help you participate in your own healing process. When I'm not a work, I'm probably stretching or studying; hiking with my favorite trail buddy, Lou dog; experimenting in the kitchen; enjoying music; or playing in the garden.